About Us

“Is it just us, or everyone around is talking about E-learning now a days?”

E-learning is something which is life changing & very convenient. We at Digital Eklavya just believe in one thing & that is to create Better & Easy ways to learn. To make E-learning better & approachable in a country like India is still a challenge. Language plays a big role as we move upside down.

Digital Eklavya is India’s first Multilingual E-learning platform. A place where anyone can learn technical & non-technical courses in their Regional Languages. We have brought the best teachers & industry experts together, so that anyone can learn whatever they prefer to in their own language & own convenience. We assure to provide you online support & assistance. Certifications, project ideas & toolkits is a extra factor. So now learning will be more easy & accessible.

Made in India, with the idea driven by passion. “Now language should not be a barrier in the path of learning”

Why Digital Eklavya

We hope you are getting a glimpse of what Digital Eklavya is all about. When it comes to vocational training we have many advantages over the normal scenario going on, which are discussed below:

1. Convenient - Learn from your own place & get the physical certificates after course completion right at your home. No need of bearing travel & living expenses for the sake of training now.

2. Flexibility - Digital Eklavya being an online platform provides students with the flexibility to learn at their ease & comfort.

3. Expert Guidance & Support - Get the best course content prepared by experts in the field. Also, every student will get project assistance & project ideas related to their relevant branch.

4. Multilingual Platform - We are India’s first Multilingual E-learning Platform. Now you can learn latest technologies in your own language.

5. Online Support & Assistance - We have answers of all your queries. Just get connected with us for quick support & assistance.